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Are you shopping for a custom t-shirt with a faceless cohort?

A human approach to shopping = happy shopping experience

It’s 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday and you need custom t-shirts for an upcoming company event. With coffee in hand, you sit down on your couch and open your laptop. In the Google search bar, you enter T-shirt and 10,010,000,000 results appear!

Not sure exactly where to start, you click around for what seems like only a few minutes. You follow links; you look at different brands and styles; you read descriptions and reviews, and you compare multiple products. Before you know it, you’ve spent the last 3 hours searching aimlessly for a t-shirt and you’ve haven’t even purchased anything.

You’re overwhelmed and exhausted.

The convenience factor

The convenience of online shopping is enticing – you can shop from anywhere – you don’t have to drive and sit in traffic, and you don’t have to deal with crowds, but the results can seem less than stellar.

When your order finally arrives, you’re disappointed. The quality of the custom t-shirt you selected online isn’t what you expected based on the description – its fabric is scratchy and the fit is big and boxy. The custom design you uploaded is incorrect and the color of the t-shirt you ordered looks like pea-soup green rather than the rich Kelly green you selected.

You’re frustrated.

You call the online company to remedy the situation and to get a new order of custom t-shirts expedited for your event. Only, rather than speak to a human, you get stuck in their automated phone system asking you to push #1 and state your reason for calling.

Ultimately, you’re left with 200 custom t-shirts that you can’t use.

Impersonal? Yes. Frustrating? You bet!

Online shopping = A lonely trek

The perceived ease of shopping for a t-shirt with a click of the mouse can leave you wondering why you’d ever leave the house to make a purchase.

Our “right-now” culture has many turning to the online shopping mall more often than not to purchase custom t-shirts and branded apparel for events.

However, shopping online is impersonal. Your shopping partner is a computer. You can’t have a conversation with it and it can’t educate you on the different styles and quality of t-shirts available to you.

Not to mention, you have to serve as both customer and industry expert. You have to know which t-shirt is the best, along with the styles available in the colors you want. And, you are expected to understand the industry jargon around art fees, color changes and timelines. It’s enough to make your head spin.

How can you possibly know all of that information?

Putting “Service” back in Customer Service

Stepping away from the keyboard when purchasing custom t-shirts and branded apparel is generally your best bet.

We often forget that using a local expert can offer benefits that far outweigh the lonely, online experience and provides a human approach to solving your pain of finding quality products quickly.

They are experts in their field. Working with a local apparel supplier enhances your purchasing experience by alleviating all of the guesswork when it comes to locating top-quality apparel and products.

You’re able to discuss your needs with someone who understands how to focus your search and provide you with the best products for your event, and who can suggest different processes in which to design your custom t-shirt, such as screen printing vs. Vibracolor.

Below we list three ways that working with a local supplier can enhance your experience and relieve your challenges of shopping online.

  • We target your audience’s need

When you think about what you or your audience needs in regards to your apparel, it’s difficult to know what products are available to you. Your local expert can help and provide you with other ideas. An expert has samples to see and feel, and they can help you with inside knowledge about quality and timelines.

  • We help you navigate the crazy maze of fees

Art charges, setup fee, additional color charge…trying to navigate this information on your own can seem daunting. As experts, we have the knowledge to ensure all of your charges and fees are included in your out-the-door price. You won’t be left with any surprises.

  • We help you stretch your budget, without sacrificing quality

We make sure you’re buying quality products that will impress your audience while staying within your budget.


Sure, online shopping is convenient, but it can also be an exhausting experience that leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Utilizing a local expert will help you find products for your event from reputable companies, which saves you precious time and gives you peace of mind and the confidence that the custom t-shirt you order will fit your needs and meet your deadlines successfully.

One of our favorite t-shirts is the Next Level Tri-blend 6010. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, and looks amazing with your favorite jeans.

Our goal is to make your experience with us effortless and fun. Stop by our showroom in San Diego, we’re always here to help you find the perfect custom t-shirt and apparel.


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